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"Thanks for the advice to make sure the ink cartridges
were not "out of date". Just so happens they weren't. So in an epiphany
I decided to check the print heads and three of the four were "expired".
So I replaced them and guess what? The printer has decided to print again.
Your advice to check for valid ink cartridges and print heads was right on.
I now know who to turn to when the printer has a major "melt down." Do you
guys have any kind of service contracts that we can purchase. I might be
able to convince my highers that this would be good idea verses buying a $1700
new piece of equipment.

Ken you are great, thanks again."

Park Ranger of a
National Historical

"I just want to let you know how happy we are with
our printer maintenance plan. It's great that we no
longer have to worry about buying maintenance kits
now that MIDCOM includes them in the service plan
for our HP LaserJet printers.
Please share with your field technicians and your
staff our thanks for the fast response times as well
as great follow-up."

From a MIS Administrator
of one of the largest international
hotel chains in the world

"I had such a good experience with your company when
you fixed my printer last November, I look forward to
the next time a printer breaks down! I have you on file
and I will call MIDCOM the next
time I have a need."

Manager of
Information Systems for
a major food manufacturer
located Newark, NJ

"Your Depot Repair Program has made printer repair hassle
free. In the past we would ship out our printers and wait
weeks for them to come back. Now, I call MIDCOM and
you pick up my Zebra printers and drop them off within a
couple of days. I really love the door to door service.
Please let yore engineers know we appreciate the quality
of their work and fast turn-around time.

MIS Manger of a company
that distributes goods to over 6,000
retails every week.

"Just wanted to thank you for the great service you and your
team gave us. Our printer arrived back to us from your
Repair Depot in perfect working order. I never expected
to get it back so quickly! They even cleaned it up for us!
It was a pleasure working with you and I will definitely
contact you for any future needs. Please feel free to give
my name and number to anyone looking for a reference.

IT manager of an 80 year old
international distributor

"During the past 10 years, MIDCOM Data Technologies
has helped me discover the optimal technology for
our manufacturing plant.Our unique manufacturing needs
presented a challenge to other suppliers, but MIDCOM returned
with an exactmatch to satisfy our employees. Thanks to MIDCOM's
diligence, today we deliver work standards, to the plant
floor using a state-of-the-art process on wireless, to do
touch-screen all-in-one thin clients.
Additionally, the customer service I receive from MIDCOM
keeps me satisfied and I'm happy to do continued business
with them."

Hardware system specialists in a
Fortune 500 Company in Ohio

"As an OEM, our capability to provide excellent products is
directly impacted by the quality of products and support
that we receive from our providers. Having dealt with
several different IT solution providers, I can honestly
say that MIDCOM provides a superior level of product and
ongoing support. When inevitable complications arise, we rest
assured that MIDCOM will apply all the resources necessary and will
not rest until a resolution is reached.We would recommend anyone
in need of IT solutions for business problems in several industries.
The bottom line is they will provide an excellent solution and then
provide high quality, on going customer support."

Director of Engineering
Services from a international
organization that is involved in the
healthcare industry

"MIDCOM Data has been instrumental in turning our
experience with our customer around. Until we
found you, every other company just tried to sell us
little or no valuable insight into the products that
we were selling.
Consequentially, we wasted several thousand dollars on
scanners, time, flights, and programming. Estimated
waste was somewhere around $20K when all is said
and done. MIDCOM should really push the fact to anyone
thinking about deploying scanners that if they don't have the
support, information, and help, it could be a monumental
failure. I only wish we had found you sooner."

CEO of
Major Software

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